Companies like FNB, Old Mutual and Outsurrence have trusted TJ as their sales keynote speaker in their conferences for the past 10 years. He is dynamic, entertaining and he gives practical tips that are easy to implement as after his presentation.

TJ has years of experience as a keynote speaker to a variety of individuals, corporates and non-profit organisations across the globe at conferences and events.

He is  engaging and entertaining keynotes are tailored to, blending your key messages with her methods for success.

When you work with TJ you are guaranteed to experience a deeply profound shift in the way you approach business and life from his Keynote.

TJ speaks on the following keynotes

1. Stand out or don't bother

How do you stand out as a leader and make a lasting legacy that will outlive your pension in an organisation. In this Keynote TJ shares the three undisputed qualities that make leaders stand out and perform to the optimum. He shares latest research of organizational performance backed by Neuro- linguistic programing content in a fun & engaging way.


Duration: 45 Minutes to an hour


2. Rock-star employees

What makes rock-star employees? The keynote shares 10 trades of rock stars at their work from Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela to “Solly” who cleans the streets. What’s common about all these people on how they do their work? What are the things they do to make their work pure poetry and what makes them merchants of “wow”. This is shared with music, lights and engagement that creates an inspiring environment for all delegates.

Duration: 45 Minutes to an hour


3. Stand out and lead

In a rapidly changing and disruptive world where life‘s ever increasing challenges force even the bravest individual into a state of fear and distress, here comes the voice of reason that transcends both change and chaos, and has helped businesses and individuals LEAD in a chaotic world. Based on his latest book this keynote was delivered to 13 000 delegates from 60 countries and they all loved it.

Duration: 45 Minutes to an hour


4. Beyond salary

Why meaning is important at work than salary NEW Latest research shows that employees stay at work longer if their work brings a sense of meaning. How do you find meaning and why you should do your work like you are serving a higher purpose? In this Keynote TJ asks the question; “if you were not born what would the work have missed”? He connects life meaning to your work.

Duration: 45 Minutes to an hour

5. From a shack to shaking my world – The story of my life

In this Keynote TJ stripes himself bare and relates the story of his life and how he up grew up in a shack to today where he is shaking the world. This is a story of hope, possibilities and dreams becoming a reality irrespective of one’s background.TJ uses his humorous nature in storytelling to bring home key points that will help to inspire leaders to move towards their dreams.

Duration: 45 Minutes to an hour


"It’s clean, energetic “humor-with-a-MESSAGE” at its funniest! TJ is the best speaker."
Faith Muthambie
Minister of Communications South Africa